Tap2Text for Android

Sending the same message over and over again to the same people? Tap2Text lets you send messages to your favourite contacts with just one tap. The process is simple:

1. Choose a contact and write the message
2. Create a widget on your home screen
3. Tap the widget to send your saved message to the contact

Send frequent messages easily

  • Let your spouse know that you're going to be home in 30 minutes
  • Tell your boss that you're running 5 minutes late
  • Let your friend know that you are at the station
  • Anything you can think of


  • Customizable countdown timer before sending a message, to stop accidentals taps.
  • Choose what text appears on the widget
  • Option to have your text message saved in the phone's outbound sent items
  • Small 1x1 sized widget

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